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PhenoVue Fluo-4 AM, Calcium Indicator

PhenoVue Fluo-4 AM, is permeable fluorescent Ca2+ indicator and is part of Revvity’s portfolio of cellular imaging reagents. PhenoVue Fluo-4 AM Ca2+ indicator exhibits green fluorescence and is validated for use in imaging microscopy and high-content screening applications. It exhibits a maximum excitation wavelength at 495 nm and a maximum emission wavelength of 528 nm.

View our extensive validation data in the Product Information Sheet within the Resources tab below.

For research use only, not for use in diagnostic procedures.
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Calcium ions are important signaling molecules mediating a broad spectrum of intracellular, intercellular as well as extracellular functions. Ca2+ plays critical physiological functions such as muscle contraction, neuronal excitability, cell migration and cell growth. Intracellular Ca2+ is stored in the endoplasmic reticulum, sarcoplasmic reticulum, and the mitochondria. Upon cell surface receptors stimulation like GPCRs, calcium is released from these internal stores and its intracellular concentration increases from 100 nM to approximately 1 μM.

Intracellular Ca2+ responses have been widely investigated with fluorescent calcium probes which fluorescence signal increases upon Ca2+ binding.

The first-generation of fluorescent calcium indicators, including Fura-2, Fluo-3 and Rhod-2, were developed, followed by a second-generation, such as Fluo-4, with improved properties especially brightness and signal-to-noise ratio. However, the presence of anion transporters expressed at the cell surface may impair the intracellular retention of the fluorescent calcium indicators which are cleared out from cells. Inhibitors of these transporters, such as Probenecid, are commonly used but suffer from limitations such as cytotoxicity, off-targets, or inconsistent calcium flux kinetics. Such limitations can be overcome with third generation of fluorescent calcium indicators including Cal-520, Cal-590 and their corresponding Cal-520, Cal-590 Bright versions which do not require probenecid.

PhenoVue Fluorescent Calcium Indicators, encompassing Fura-2 AM, Fluo-4 AM, Cal-520 AM, Cal-590 AM, Cal-520 AM Bright and Cal-590 AM Bright, enable a myriad of applications as well as multiplexing capability to unravel intracellular calcium mediated functions.

PhenoVue Fluo-4 AM is a cell permeable Ca2+ indicator which is metabolized by intracellular esterase, leading to a green, fluorescent signal.


  • Numbers of Vials Per Unit: 10
  • Quantity or Volume Per Vial: 50 µg (45 nmoles)
  • Form: Solid
  • Storage: -16 °C
  • Recommended Working Concentration: 5 µM
  • Maximum Excitation Wavelength: 495 nm
  • Maximum Emission Wavelength: 528 nm
  • Common Filter Set: FITC
  • Live Cell Staining: Yes
  • Fixed Cell Staining: No

Equivalent Number of Microplates:

  • 3-10 x 96-well microplates
  • 3-10 x 384-well microplates
  • 4-16 x 1536-well microplates


High Content Screening
Imaging Microscopy
Detection Method
Product Compatibility
Live samples only
Shipping Conditions
Shipped in Dry Ice
Individual Reagent
Unit Size
10 vials

Spectra Viewer


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Product Note
PhenoVue Fluo-4 AM, Calcium Indicator Product Sheet

This is a product information sheet for PhenoVue Fluo-4 AM, Calcium Indicator

Product Info
PhenoVue Fluo-4 AM, Calcium Indicator Product Sheet

This is a product information sheet for PhenoVue Fluo-4 AM, Calcium Indicator

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