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OptiScint LLT, 5L

OptiScint® LLT is an NPE-Free liquid scintillation cocktail for determination of low levels of 3H in aqueous samples.

OptiScint is part of Revvity's family of safer cocktails, is NPE-free, and is compliant with EEC directive 2003/53/EC and REACH regulations. OptiScint provides greater peace of mind and a choice of using an environmentally friendly liquid scintillation cocktail without compromising performance.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures
Part Number: 6013461
Unit Size: 1L
Part Number: 6013466
Unit Size: 5L
  • OptiScint LLT is ideal for counting low levels of 3H. With a high flashpoint and sample load capacity, low background and α-/β-discrimination, OptiScint LLT is the choice for low level liquid scintillation counting applications such as environmental sample counting. 10 mL of cocktail can accept 12 mL of water. OptiScint LLT is also suitable for urine samples and sea water. OptiScint LLT, 1L is available in a 1 liter size.

    As with all Revvity's OptiScint product family of scintillation fluids, features include:

    • NPE-free
    • High flashpoint, low vapor pressure
    • High counting efficiency
    • Quench resistant

    Unit size: 5 L

  • Application
    Detection Method
    Sample Type
    Liquid (aqueous)
    Unit Size


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