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High-throughput counting plates, 8 x 3 orientation, 10 plates

High-throughput cell counting plates designed for the Cellaca MX, Cellaca PLX, and Celigo image cytometer. 200 plates packed as 5 cases. Each case contains 40 plates

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Product Variants
Part number: CHM24-B100-001
Unit Size: 1 sleeve of 10 plates
List price: USD 277.98
Your price:
USD 277.98
USD 277.98 /each
Part number: CHM24-B100-004
Unit Size: 1 case of 40 plates
List price: USD 1,059.00
Your price:
USD 0.00
USD 1,059.00 /each
Part number: CHM24-B100-020
Unit Size: 5 cases of 40 plates
List price: USD 5,107.00
Your price:
USD 0.00
USD 5,107.00 /each


Disposable, plate-based, all plastic cell counting chamber for High-throughput Automated Cell Counter.

  • 24 cell counts per plate.
  • Packed in a sleeve of 10 plates.


Shipping Conditions
Shipped Ambient
Counting Plates
Unit Size
1 sleeve of 10 plates
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