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HTRF Human CCL20 (MIP3α) Detection Kit, 500 Assay Points

The HTRF human CCL20 (MIP3 alpha) kit is designed for the quantification of human CCL20 release in cell supernatant.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures. All products to be used in accordance with applicable laws and regulations including without limitation, consumption & disposal requirements under European REACH regulations (EC 1907/2006).
Part Number: 62HCC20PEG
Unit Size: 500 Assay Points
Part Number: 62HCC20PEH
Unit Size: 10,000 Assay Points
  • Also called LARC (liver activation regulated chemokine) or MIP3A (macrophage inflammatory protein 3), CCL20 is a chemokine mainly present in peripheral blood lymphocytes, lymph nodes, and the liver. CCL20 secretion is upregulated by microbial factors and inflammatory cytokines like TNFa or IFNg. Its main role is to attract lymphocytes and dendritic cells to the site of infection. In the CNS, CCL20 released by endothelial cells has been shown to attract TH17 cells and promote their infiltration to the lumbar spinal cord.

  • Assay Points
    Assay Target Type
    Assay Technology
    Therapeutic Area
    Oncology & Inflammation
    Unit Size
    500 Assay Points
  • Assay principle

    Cell supernatant, sample, or standard is dispensed directly into the assay plate for the detection by HTRF® reagents (384-well low-volume white plate or Revvity low-volume 96-well plate in 20 µl). The antibodies labeled with the HTRF donor and acceptor are pre-mixed and added in a single dispensing step, to further streamline the assay procedure. The assay can be run up toa1536-well format by simply resizing each addition volume proportionally.

    Assay data analysis

    The 4 Parameter Logistic (4PL) curve is commonly recommended for fitting an ELISA standard curve. This regression enables the accurate measurement of an unknown sample across a wider range of concentrations than linear analysis, making it ideally suited to the analysis of biological systems like cytokine releases.

    Revvity also worked with to help you in your data analysis.


  • Technical specifications of human CCL20 kit
    Sample size 16 µL
    Final assay volume 20 µL
    Kit components Lyophilized standard, frozen detection antibodies, buffers &protocol.
    LOD &LOQ (in Diluent) 15 pg/mL &47 pg/mL
    Range 47 – 2,000 pg/mL
    Time to result ON at RT
    Species Human only


  • Intra and inter assay

    Intra-assay (n=24)

    Sample Mean [CCL20] (pg/mL) CV
    1 250 8%
    2 750 5%
    3 1500 4%
      Mean CV 6%

    Each of the 3 samples was measured 24 times, and % CV was calculated for each sample.

    Inter-assay (n=4)

    Sample [CCL20] (pg/mL) Mean (delta R) CV
    1 263 503 9%
    2 593 1124 8%
    3 1333 2250 11%
        Mean CV 9%

    Each of the samples was measured in 4 different experiments, and % CV was calculated for each sample.



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