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HTRF cAMP Gi Detection Kit, 1,000 Assay Points

This HTRF kit detects changes of cAMP accumulation in response to Gi coupled GPCR activation or inhibition

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures. All products to be used in accordance with applicable laws and regulations including without limitation, consumption & disposal requirements under European REACH regulations (EC 1907/2006).

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Unit Size: 1,000 Assay Points
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Unit Size: 20,000 Assay Points
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Based on HTRF technology, the kit contains all the reagents needed to quantify cAMP, ensuring that you benefit from a complete tool for your needs.

Revvity's HTRF cAMP kits are best suited for measuring cAMP modulations in response to Gi-activation, leveraging an optimized combination of robustness and sensitivity.


Assay Points
Assay Target Type
Assay Technology
Therapeutic Area
Infectious Diseases
Oncology & Inflammation
Rare Diseases
Unit Size
1,000 Assay Points

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How it works

Assay principle

cAMP kits are based on a competitive format involving a specific antibody labeled with d2 (acceptor) and cAMP coupled to cryptate (donor). This enables the direct characterization of all types of compounds acting on Gi-coupled receptors in either adherent or suspension cells. Native cAMP produced by cells competes with cryptate -labeled cAMP for binding to monoclonal anti-cAMP.

GPCR how it works assay principle camp gi 62am9peb
Assay protocol

The protocol is simple and straightforward, with just two incubation steps: - Cell stimulation by the target compounds - cAMP detection using HTRF reagents

GPCR how it works assay protocol camp gi 62am9peb


Assay details

Product specifications

Designed with signal performance in mind, the kit offers a tailored standard curve ideally suited to the study of Gi coupled GPCRs.

  S/B IC10 nM IC50 nM IC90 nM
cAMP - Gi 31 0.8 3.0 12


Specifications camp gi 1


Assay validation

Introduction to product validation

The cAMP Gi kit allows enhanced performances for Gi coupled receptor assessment.

The data below shows the pharmacological validation of the Gi kit for the stably expressing delta opioid receptor cell line. Agonists and antagonists were well characterized, showing potency in agreement with the literature.

Validation on agonist dose response

​CHO cells stably expressing the delta opioid receptor (DOR) at 6000 cells/well were treated with the SNC-162, a reference agonist, for 45 min.

SNC-162 was well characterized, displaying the right potency in good correlation with the literature.​


DOR Agonist SNC-162 cAMP Gi cAMP Gs dynamic
Optimal Cell density / well 6000 12000
S/B 4.5 2.3
EC50 (nM) 1.6 1.9


Assay validation camp gi 1


Validation on antagonist dose response

CHO cells stably expressing the delta opioid receptor (DOR) at 6000 cells/well were treated with the SNC-162 agonist for 45 min at the EC90 value (10 nM), which is the optimal concentration to use for the antagonist mode experiment.

Fitting the serial dilutions of the Naltrindole and the Naloxone antagonists enabled IC50 calculation of the compounds (potency), which was in perfect correlation with the literature.

  cAMP Gi   cAMP Gs dynamic
DOR Antagonists Naltrindole Naloxone Naltrindole Naloxone
Optimal Cells density / well 6000 6000 12000 12000
S/B 4 4.2 2.3 2.3
IC50 (nM) 1.4 868 2.4 934


Assay validation camp gi 2



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