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cAMPZen Frozen Human Galanin Gal1 Cell Line, CHO-K1 Cells

Our frozen, irradiated cAMPZen cells express a variety of GPCRs for binding and functional assays. No cell culture is required prior to testing.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures. This product contains living cells. Some of our cAMPZen™ FroZen Cells may be restricted sale in specified countries. Please inquire at your local sales office more information.
Part Number: ES-510-CF
Part Number: ES-510-CF
  • FroZen Cells validated for cAMP Testing: Galanin, Gal1 sub type. Human Recombinant, in CHO-K1 host cell, 2.5 million cells/vial. Some of our Frozen cells may be restricted for sale in specified countries. Please inquire at your local sales office for more information. You are authorized to utilize these frozen cell preparations one time only. Any attempt to transfer, re-use, or propagate these cells is expressly unauthorized and a violation of the product terms and conditions of sale.

  • Application
    Assay Validation
    Downstream Phosphorylation
    Receptor Type
    Second Messenger Release
    GTP exchange
    Shipping Conditions
    Shipped in Dry Ice
    Unit Size
    2.5 million cells


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