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AlphaLISA Human Cortisol Detection Kit, 5,000 Assay Points

AlphaLISA no-wash immunoassay kit for detection of human cortisol in buffer or serum.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures. All products to be used in accordance with applicable laws and regulations including without limitation, consumption & disposal requirements under European REACH regulations (EC 1907/2006).

Product Variants
Part number: AL314HV
Unit Size: 100 Assay Points
List price: USD 1,095.00
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USD 0.00
USD 1,095.00 /each
Part number: AL314C
Unit Size: 500 assay points
List price: USD 2,392.00
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USD 0.00
USD 2,392.00 /each
Part number: AL314F
Unit Size: 5,000 Assay Points
List price: USD 15,950.00
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USD 15,950.00
USD 15,950.00 /each



  • Our HV (100 assay point) kits allow you to run 100 wells in 96-well format, using a 100 µL reaction volume (10 µL of sample).
  • Our 500 assay point kit allows you to run 500 wells in 96-well or 384-well format, using a 50 µL reaction volume (5 µL of sample).
  • Our 5,000 assay point kit allows you to run 5,000 wells in 96-well or 384-well format, using a 50 µL reaction volume (5 µL of sample).


  • No-wash steps, no separation steps
  • ELISA alternative technology
  • Sensitive detection
  • Broad sample compatibility
  • Small sample volume
  • Results in less than 3 hours
  • Half the time of an ELISA assay

Cortisol (hydrocortisone) is a steroid derived from cholesterol. Cortisol can be found in the blood as free or bound to cortisol-binding globulins, such as transcortin. Cortisol levels follow a diurnal pattern, typically highest in the morning upon wake up and lowest just before sleep. Cortisol levels have been linked to metabolism regulation, glucogenesis promotion, liver glycogen deposition, and depression of glucose burn. Cortisol levels have also been positively correlated to stress and increasing blood pressure.

AlphaLISA technology allows the detection of molecules of interest in a no-wash, highly sensitive, quantitative assay. In this AlphaLISA competition assay, a biotinylated cortisol tracer binds to the Streptavidin-coated Donor beads and anti-cortisol antibody associated to AlphaLISA Acceptor beads. When no cortisol is present, the beads come into close proximity. The excitation of the Donor beads triggers the release of singlet oxygen molecules, which diffuse to the Acceptor beads, resulting in a sharp peak of light emission at 615 nm. With increasing concentrations of endogenous cortisol from the sample, fewer Donor and Acceptor beads are brought together, resulting in a decrease in signal.


Protein Analysis & Detection
Assay Points
Assay Target Class
Automation Compatible
Detection Method
Experimental Type
In vitro
Quantity in a Package Amount
1.0 Units
Shipping Conditions
Shipped in Blue Ice
Therapeutic Area
Unit Size
5,000 Assay Points

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