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CulturPlate 384-well, white opaque, sterile, tissue culture treated, case of 50

384-well microplate for use in time-resolved fluorescence, luminescence, Alpha, and radiometric assays. This white, polystyrene CulturPlate™ is sterile and tissue-culture (TC) treated for cell-based assays.

Tissue-culture treated microplates are supplied with lids except when supplied in a case of 200 microplates. Lids for a case of 200 microplates must be purchased separately. Please see part number 6007619, sterile, universal lids for 384-well plates.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
Part Number: 6007680
Unit Size: Case of 50
Part Number: 6007688
Unit Size: Case of 160
Part Number: 6007689
Unit Size: Case of 200
  • Packaging Notes:
    • Cases of 50 are packaged as 50 individually bagged and sealed lidded plates.
    • Cases of 160 are packaged as 8 sleeves of 20 lidded plates each. Each sleeve as 5 wraps of 4 lidded plates.
    • Cases of 200 are packaged as 8 sleeves of 25 plates each. Each sleeve as 5 wraps with 5 plates. Lids are not included, but can be ordered separately as Cat. No. 6005619 (for 96-well plates) or Cat. No. 6007619 (for 384- and 1536-well plates).
  • Well plate dimensions

    Well format: 384-well

    Description Specification
    Number of rows 16
    Number of columns 24
    Well volume 105 µL
    Recommended working volume 24 µL-90 µL
    Height (mm) 14.35
    Length (mm) 127.76
    Width (mm) 85.47
    Well diameter (mm) 3.65
    Well depth (mm) 10.4
    A1 to top offset (mm) 9
    A1 to side offset (mm) 12.1
    Well-to-well spacing (mm) 4.5



  • Color
    Well Format
    Cell Culture
    Automation Compatible
    Coating Treatment
    Detection Method
    Time-Resolved Fluorescence (TRF & TR-FRET)
    Shipping Conditions
    Shipped Ambient
    Unit Size
    Case of 50


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