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AlphaLISA Biotin-anti-H3K79me2 antibody, 2 µg

Biotinylated antibody against human histone H3 that is dimethylated on Lysine 79. This antibody is intended for use in AlphaLISA® no-wash epigenetic assays using DOT1L methyltransferase with oligonucleosome substrates.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures. All products to be used in accordance with applicable laws and regulations including without limitation, consumption & disposal requirements under European REACH regulations (EC 1907/2006).
Product Variants
Part number: AL148C
Unit Size: 2 µg
List price: USD 2,211.00
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USD 2,211.00
USD 2,211.00 /each
Part number: AL148M
Unit Size: 40 µg
List price: USD 11,440.00
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USD 0.00
USD 11,440.00 /each
Part number: AL148R
Unit Size: 200 µg
List price: USD 40,290.00
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USD 0.00
USD 40,290.00 /each


AlphaLISA® antibody designed to detect Human Histone H3 that is dimethylated on Lysine 79 in a homogeneous AlphaLISA assay. Broad species cross-reactivity is expected based on sequence similarity. Source of antibody: monoclonal. The biotin-anti-dimethyl-Histone H3 Lysine 79 (H3K79me2) AlphaLISA antibody was used for the development and optimization of a DOT1L methyltransferase assay using oligonucleosomes as substrate. A technical note describing the assay is available in our product literature.


Automation Compatible
Detection Method
Experimental Type
In vitro
Molecular Modification
Shipping Conditions
Shipped in Blue Ice
Unit Size
2 µg

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