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AlphaLISA Surefire Ultra Human Total CHK2 Detection Kit, 500 Assay Points

The AlphaLISA® SureFire® Ultra™ Total CHK2 assay is a sandwich immunoassay for quantitative detection of total CHK2 in cellular lysates using Alpha Technology.

This kit has been pre-validated for use in combination with Pelago Bioscience’s CETSA® (Cellular Thermal Shift Assay) technology. Please note that further assay optimization will be required in order to adapt the kit to your particular cell line and experimental conditions. A valid CETSA® licence from Pelago Bioscience or a single kit agreement is required for using the CETSA® technology.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures. All products to be used in accordance with applicable laws and regulations including without limitation, consumption & disposal requirements under European REACH regulations (EC 1907/2006).
Part Number: ALSU-TCHK2-A500
Unit Size:
Part Number: ALSU-TCHK2-A10K
Unit Size:
Part Number: ALSU-TCHK2-A50K
Unit Size:
Part Number: ALSU-TCHK2-A-HV
Unit Size:
  • Checkpoint kinase 2 (CHK2) is a serine-threonine kinase and an integral member of the signaling cascade that controls the G1 cell cycle checkpoint. CHK2 is activated in response to DNA double-strand breaks and phosphorylates several modulators of cell cycle control including tumor suppressor proteins and prevents unchecked cell division. Mutations in CHK2 are linked to a wide range of cancers, such as breast, lung, prostate, kidney, and thyroid.

    The AlphaLISA SureFire Ultra Total CHK2 assay is a sandwich immunoassay for the quantitative detection of Total CHK2 in cellular lysates, using Alpha Technology.


    • The HV (high volume) kit contains reagents to run 100 wells in 96-well format, using a 60 μL reaction volume.
    • The 500-point kit contains enough reagents to run 500 wells in 384-well format, using a 20 μL reaction volume.
    • The 10,000-point kit contains enough reagents to run 10,000 wells in 384-well format, using a 20 μL reaction volume.
    • The 50,000-point kit contains enough reagents to run 50,000 wells in 384-well format, using a 20 μL reaction volume.

    AlphaLISA SureFire Ultra kits are compatible with:

    • Cell and tissue lysates
    • Antibody modulators
    • Biotherapeutic antibodies

    Alpha SureFire kits can be used for:

    • Cellular kinase assays
    • Receptor activation studies
    • Screening
  • Application
    Protein Analysis & Detection
    Protein Detection
    Target Engagement
    Assay Target Class
    Assay Technology
    Automation Compatible
    AlphaLISA SureFire Ultra
    Detection Method
    Experimental Type
    In vitro
    Therapeutic Area


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