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Frequently Asked Questions

    Brand FAQs
  • What does the name Revvity represent?

    Revvity represents our continued commitment to revolutionizing next generation breakthroughs that create a healthier humankind.

  • So, what does "Revvity" mean?

    "Revvity" was born from two words, "revolutionize" (rev) and "vita" (vit) that means "life" in Latin. It represents our commitment to revolutionizing life through developing technologies and solutions for a healthier humankind.

  • How did you decide on the name Revvity?

    The Revvity brand is the result of extensive feedback from employees around the globe and across all our businesses. It was really important for us to get a sense of what the team as a whole wanted the brand to represent as we move into the future.

  • What is the strategy behind the new brand?

    Our new brand isn’t just a change in symbol – it is a symbol of the change that has taken place in our organization. We took a global perspective in choosing our name and visual identity in order to create a sense of action and momentum towards the future we want to lead.

  • What do you want to be recognized for?

    Our purpose is to expand the boundaries of human potential through science. We embrace challenges. By bringing a myriad of skills, capabilities, and people together to challenge orthodoxy, we expand boundaries in pursuit of a better future for human health.  

    Customer FAQs
  • As an existing customer, what do I need to know about Revvity?

    There is little that will change in your day-to-day relationship with us. You will still be in touch with the same people; our phone numbers will remain the same, and we will keep you informed about our new email addresses (note that the current ones will be working for the foreseeable future).

    As we proceed with implementing the Revvity brand, we are now changing the names of our local legal entities. Please visit our Fact Sheet page on our Customer Transformation Hub for country specific information on new contact details and action you need to take.

    Our commitment to our customers will remain our highest priority and our established product brands will not disappear. There will be no changes to part numbers or form, fit or function of any products, but they will eventually have a fresh look.

  • What will happen with my contract and who should I reach out to for service and support?

    Your contract with us (under our previous name) won’t be amended or affected by the change. For service or support you can continue to reach out to our Customer Care teams as you have always done before. Going forward, amendments or renewals of contracts will be done in the name of the appropriate Revvity subsidiary.

  • Where can I see the portfolio of products and services offered by Revvity?

    You can visit our Portfolio section to learn and gain access to more information about our Research & Development, Clinical & Diagnostics, Platforms & Automation, Advanced Services & Licensing and Signals Software products and services.

  • How do I request a quote if I want to buy a new Revvity product or service?

    You can visit our Contact Us Sales form on the Revvity site or visit our other websites to request a quotation or information on any products and services we offer. Additionally, you can always reach out to your account managers and/or Customer Care team who will provide any support you may need.

  • Where can I find product resources such as SDS, COAs, ASK, and other product literature?
    Careers FAQs
  • Where can I find open Revvity roles?

    You will find our current openings in the “Search jobs and apply” section of our Career site.

  • Where can I find information about Revvity employee offerings and benefits?

    You will find helpful information about Revvity employee offerings and benefits in the "Why Revvity" section of our Career site.

  • Shall I re-submit my job application if I applied for a Revvity job via PerkinElmer Careers page?

    No, you don’t need to re-submit your application. Our team will receive and review your application.  

  • How are interviews conducted in Revvity?

    We do both in person and online video meetings, depending on the role and specificity of a job. Interviews can be conducted either virtually or onsite depending on factors such as location of the Hiring Manager and interview team, whether the role is remote, as well as local regulations.

    Investor FAQs
  • What happens to the stock I currently own in PerkinElmer (NYSE: PKI)?

    On May 16, 2023, at the start of trading our ticker will change from “PKI” to “RVTY”. The number of shares owned and the rights associated with those shares will not change based on this transition.

  • What do I do with any paper stock certificates I still own from PerkinElmer (NYSE: PKI)?

    You are able to send those to our transfer agent (Computershare) and have them turned into book (electronic) form. You may contact Computershare for more detail here: 
    US 877 373 6374  
    International +1 (201) 680 6578

  • Where can I learn more about the company’s financial performance?

    Please visit our investor relations website:

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