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Interrogate Biology

Finding the next novel drug: Understanding biology

The discovery of new and better targets for drug development requires a deep understanding of the intricate biological mechanisms underlying disease. This understanding is typically achieved by studying the molecular biology of cells and tissues through various biological assays.

There are various assays available that can provide crucial information about biological activity and how different molecules interact with potential drug targets. The decision of which assay to use depends on the nature of the target, mode of action, cell types, and disease models being used.

By analyzing the data from these assays, scientists can gain valuable insights into the molecular pathways that are disrupted in disease and identify potential therapeutic targets. Our biological assays help provide insights into complex biological processes, helping researchers uncover potential therapeutic targets for challenging diseases.

Key features:
  • Innovative tools for deep biological exploration and understanding
  • Tailored assays for target validation and mechanism of action studies
  • High-throughput screening assays for efficient discovery processes
  • Customizable assays for specific research needs, enhancing experimental outcomes

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Explore our assays specifically designed for:
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Flow cytometry reagents
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