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Wizard2 1-Detector Gamma Counter, 550 samples

For gamma counting, you need unprecedented sensitivity to produce results you can trust. The Wizard automatic gamma counter has outstanding sensitivity together with the highest-level security, connectivity, and ease of use, giving you greater command over your gamma counting process.

For In Vitro Diagnostic Use. 21 CFR Part 11 Compatibility optionally available. Please consult your radiometric detection specialist.

Product Variants
Part number: 2470-0010
Detector Type: 1 Detector
Sample Size: 550
Part number: 2470-0020
Detector Type: 2 Detectors
Sample Size: 550
Part number: 2470-0050
Detector Type: 5 Detectors
Sample Size: 550
Part number: 2470-0100
Detector Type: 10 Detectors
Sample Size: 550
Part number: 2470-0150
Detector Type: 5 Detectors
Sample Size: 1000
Part number: 2470-0200
Detector Type: 10 Detectors
Sample Size: 1000
Part number: 2480-0010
Detector Type: 1 Detector
Sample Size: 1000 or 270


Whatever your application need, Wizard2 delivers superior gamma counting performance. Today’s laboratories are pressured to do more with less – fewer resources, less time and tighter turnaround. Wizard2 gamma counters offer enhanced features to make sure you’re up to the challenge now and in the future.

Performance features to future-proof your lab

  • Simplicity – Easy viewing and editing of instrument performance parameters such as protocol definition, conveyor movement, general settings and instrument diagnostic settings
  • Fully Automated Data Analysis – MyAssays® Desktop Pro with QA software for RIA/IRMA and custom data analysis and functionality that lets you easily create and transfer custom reports
  • STAT – Allows high priority, interrupted sample measurement
  • Networkability – Wizard2 instrument include Ethernet connections to easily share and analyze your data
  • 21 CFR Part 11 Compatibility – With optional MyAssays® Desktop Pro Security software, you can automate your audit trail for electronic record and signature compliance
  • More Choices Than Ever – From routine counting to more sophisticated research to customer validated clinical solutions in a regulated environment, there’s a configuration that’s right for your lab
  • Wizard2 Result Viewer – Allows data viewing and export of sample data, Instrument Performance Assessment™ (IPA), normalization and spectral data
  • Sample Vial Barcode Option – Easy to positively identify each sample vial using a barcode label attached to the top of each vial


  • Choice of models -available with 1, 2, 5 or 10 detectors with 550 sample capacity and 5 and 10 detectors with 1,000 sample capacity.
  • Compact footprint -the 550-sample Wizard2 is the smallest automatic 10-detector gamma counter available. Its 65 x 77 cm (25.6 x 30.3 in) footprint will help you make the most of your lab space.
  • Counts manually -Wizard2 can be converted into a manual multidetector counter with a single command. In manual mode, sample volumes up to 5 mL, such as LSC minivials, can be measured or flow cell determinations made.
  • Samples always visible to user -with 2470 Wizard2, samples are never out of your sight. All parts of the counter are very easy to access.
  • Ideal for key gamma emitters -an energy range up to 1,000 keV allows studies involving various nuclides.
  • Ideal for RIA and IRMA studies -all RIA tube-based studies can be performed with Wizard2 instruments. The integrated software package allows efficient data analysis for different RIA applications.
  • Ideal for chromium release studies -no crosstalk from samples on the conveyor means that the Wizard2 is ideal for working with higher energy isotopes such as Cr-51. With Wizard2, the crosstalk figures for chromium are two orders of magnitude better than in conventional multidetector counters employing through-hole detectors.
  • Isotope library contains information for 45 radionuclides.




729.0 mm
770.0 mm
650.0 mm
21CFR Compatible
Detector Type
1 Detector
Model Name
Wizard2 2470-0010
Quantity in a Package Amount
1.0 each
Sample Size


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