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Pipette Conductive Tips, 1 mL, Wide-Bore, 19200/PK

These high-quality pipette tips are compatible with the JANUS® G3 MDT pipetting module with the P30 head attachment and can be used for a variety of automated liquid handling applications. In each individual tip a membrane is used to create a barrier between the MDT pipetting head and the liquid to ensure no cross-contamination between samples. These tips are ideal for sensitive applications such as PCR. These tips undergo the same rigorous sterilization process that is required by the medical device industry.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Part number: 6001620
List price: USD 5,111.00
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USD 5,111.00
USD 5,111.00 /each


We offer sterile and non-sterile tips for a variety of dispenser channel sizes and volume requirements. Tips to support liquid transfers from multiple laboratory containers including test tubes, vials, troughs, deep-well plates and microplates (up to 384-well) are available as well.Our portfolio of consumables includes both cell-based and biochemical assay platforms, reagents and kits, as well as a complete range of high quality and application-focused microplates for your assay applications, detection technologies, or plate reader requirements. Our filter tips for the MDT arm provide are available in 50 384-tip racks/case.


30 µL
Product Compatibility
JANUS G3 Workstation
Pipetting Module
MDT Pipetting Module P30 Head Attachment
Tip Type
Unit Size
19200 Tips


Racks/Case 50 Racks
Tips/Rack 384 Tips
Tips/Case 19200 Tips



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