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NEXTFLEX 16S V3 – V4 Amplicon-Seq Library Prep Kit

The NEXTFLEX 16S V3 – V4 Amplicon-Seq Library Prep Kit is designed for the preparation of multiplexed amplicon libraries that span the hypervariable domains three through four (V3 and V4) of microbial 16S ribosomal RNA (rRNA) genes. These libraries are compatible with paired-end sequencing on the Illumina® sequencing platforms.

There are two main steps involved in 16S V3 – V4 amplicon processing: an initial PCR amplification using customized PCR primers that target the V3 and V4 domains, and a subsequent PCR amplification that integrates relevant flow cell binding domains and unique 12 base pair sample indices. The limited number of cleanup steps ensures maximum recovery of amplicons for downstream sequencing.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
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Part number: NOVA-4204-03S
Analysis: Included
Barcodes: 48 Barcodes
Unit Size: 96 rxns
List price: USD 3,042.00
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USD 3,042.00 /each
Part number: NOVA-4204-03
Analysis: Not Included
Barcodes: barcodes 1 - 48
Unit Size: 96 rxns
List price: USD 1,958.00
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USD 1,958.00
USD 1,958.00 /each
Part number: NOVA-4204-04S
Analysis: Included
Barcodes: Barcodes 1-96
Unit Size: 192 rxns
List price: USD 5,872.00
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USD 5,872.00 /each
Part number: NOVA-4204-04
Analysis: Not Included
Barcodes: barcodes 1-96
Unit Size: 192 rxns
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USD 3,718.00 /each


  • Optimized protocol offers lower PCR bias and fewer off-target reads
  • Fast library prep protocol
  • Low input – As low as 1 ng of genomic DNA
  • Flexible barcode options
  • Automation protocols are now available for the Revvity Sciclone® NGSx Workstation to automate your 16S sequencing
  • Functionally tested on the Illumina® MiSeq® sequencer

Optimized 16S Protocol Offers Lower PCR Bias and Fewer Off-target Reads

The protocol incorporated in the NEXTFLEX 16S V3 – V4 Amplicon-Seq Kit offers better sequencing results than can be obtained using traditional 16S sequencing protocols. The incorporation of the second PCR step in the protocol for the addition of the sample-specific index reduces the number of off-target reads typically encountered during amplicon sequencing.

Increase 16S V3 – V4 throughput and reduce errors with automation

A NEXTFLEX® automation protocol is now available on the Sciclone NGSx workstations to help labs increase their throughput and reduce human errors. Automated versions of the NEXTFLEX 16S V3 – V4 Amplicon-Seq Library Prep kits are available by request.

Analysis Powered by CosmosID HUB®

The NEXTFLEX 16S V3-V4 rRNA Amplicon-seq panels are now available bundled with access to CosmosID-HUB; an online software solution that enables fast and easy analysis of complex microbiome data. CosmosID-HUB gives scientists user-friendly access to version-controlled and validated 16S pipelines. The machine-learning powered software also enables rapid data interpretation through a comparative analysis software with features such as tables, heatmaps, bar charts, multiple Alpha & Beta Diversity indexes, abundance distribution plots, differential abundance testing, as well as comprehensive statistics between groups. Learn more about CosmosID-HUB.


Not Included
barcodes 1 - 48
Shipping Conditions
Dual Temperature
16S amplicon-seq
Unit Size
96 rxns


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