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Lipidex-5000, 25 g

LIPIDEX products are lipophilic, hydrophobic column packing materials for liquid chromatography used to separate a variety of steroids, prostaglandins, lipids and other natural products.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures
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LIPIDEX-1000 and LIPIDEX-5000 are alkoxylated derivatives of Sephadex® LH-20. Approximately 10% of the hydroxy groups of LIPIDEX-1000 are substituted with long alkyl chains and in LIPIDEX-5000 the substitution is approximately 50%. The polarity of LIPIDEX is a function of this substitution; thus LIPIDEX-1000 is more polar than LIPIDEX-5000.


Shipping Conditions
Shipped Ambient
Technology Type
Radiometric Detection
Unit Size
25 g
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