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IVISense Gastrointestinal 750 Fluorescent Probe (GastroSense)

IVISense Gastrointestinal 750 (GastroSense 750) is a near-infrared, fluorescently-labeled macromolecule that can be used to monitor the effects of disease or drugs on gastric motility and or gastric emptying. It may also be used as an anatomical marker for the gastrointestinal tract.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Part Number: NEV11121
Part Number: NEV11121
  • Accurately determining gastric emptying rates is crucial for understanding the physiological mechanisms underlying alterations in gastric motility. Additionally, a pharmacological agent’s effects on gastric emptying can determine its potential as a therapeutic. Currently, the methods used for preclinical determination of gastric emptying rates involve terminal assessment of dye or radioactive tracers within the stomach. These methods require the use of many animals, incurring high financial and time costs. IVISense Gastrointestinal 750 fluorescent probe enables non-invasive in vivo visualization and quantification of the effects of disease or drugs on the GI tract.


    IVISense Gastrointestinal 750 fluoresscent probe may also be administered as part of a solid diet by applying the reconstituted solution to egg yolk. When added to a solid diet it may be easier to reconstitute the vial of the probe with 300 µL of 1x PBS and use 25 µL per mouse. IVISense Gastrointestinal fluorescent agent remains localized in the GI tract and is not absorbed into the bloodstream.

  • Brand
    Fluorescent Agent Type
    Optical Imaging Classification
    Fluorescence Imaging
    Quantity in a Package Amount
    1.0 Units
    Unit Size
    1 Vial (10 doses)
    Wave Length
    750 nm


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Imaging gastric emptying with IVISense™ Gastrointestinal 750 fluorescent probe
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