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EnVision Nexus Multimode Microplate Reader

For more than twenty years, our EnVision plate reader has been the proven leader in high-throughput screening - and the EnVision® Nexus is the next generation of superior detection. It operates on a brand-new innovative platform that fast tracks your research, delivering the speed and accuracy you need for your most demanding applications. The EnVision Nexus multimode plate reader continues to deliver optimal results from our Alpha, HTRF®, LANCE®, and DELFIA® assay technologies.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
Part Number: HH36000002
  • Our EnVision Nexus microplate reader is the new standard for high-throughput screening, giving you robust performance and reliable data, time after time. With exceptional speed, ultrahigh throughput, and maximum sensitivity across all detection technologies, the EnVision Nexus is your innovative platform for high-throughput screening.

    Key Features

    • Superfast dual detectors
    • Magnetic filter attachment

    Main Detection

    • Absorbance
    • Fluorescence intensity
    • Luminescence
    • Time-resolved fluorescence
    • Fluorescence polarization

    Advanced Detection

    • HTS Alpha
    • TRF Laser
    • Ultrasensitive Luminescence
  • Powerful and Versatile Software for the EnVision Nexus
    software for envision nexus


     Our Kaleido™ software can simplify your workflow by making it easy to set up and run your protocols. The EnVision Nexus plate reader software provides everything you need to execute your measurements in one place. Preset protocols are included and you can easily modify it to create your own custom protocols. And for labs in regulated environments, our Enhanced Security mode can be added to the Kaleido software to facilitate 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.

  • Depth
    576.0000 mm
    485.0000 mm
    446.0000 mm
    21CFR Compatible
    Automation Compatible
    Envision Nexus
    Detection Method
    Fluorescence Polarization
    Time-Resolved Fluorescence (TRF)
    Model Name
    EnVision Nexus
    90.0 kg
  • The Spectra Viewer tool helps you visualize the spectral compatibility of fluorophores and fluorescent labelled probes so you can determine what filters are best for detection. Choose the appropriate Revvity multimode plate reader from the Select Machine drop-down menu. After selection, filters for the chosen instrument will be displayed automatically.


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