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Cellometer Check Validation Bead Solution

Cellometer Check Validation Bead solution is used by automatic cell counters with two fluorescence channels (Cellometer Auto 2000, K2, X2, and Spectrum instruments) to measure total concentration and viability.

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Cellometer cell counting beads enable users to verify instrument functionality and establish routine quality control SOPs for daily, weekly, or monthly instrument performance. The beads are supplied with a protocol, a certificate of analysis, and pass/fail criteria which users may choose to test concentration or viability read-outs on their instruments.

  • Rapidly verify instrument functionality.
  • Mimic a live/dead assay with fluorescent beads.
  • Provide quick and simple QC checks; ideal for clinical labs.

Cellometer Check Validation Solution is designed for automatic cell counters with fluorescence in two channels - Cellometer Auto 2000, X2, K2, and Spectrum. Total Concentration and Viability can be fouund on the CoA. Store at 4°C.

One 2 mL vial of Cellometer Check Validation Bead Solution is sufficient for approximately 100 tests. Warranty is valid until the expiration date stated on the product packaging.


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SDS, COAs, Manuals and more

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