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5 µm Polystyrene beads in a Trypan blue solution

5 µm Polystyrene beads in a Trypan blue solution. 4 x 1 ml vials

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
Part Number: B05-02-050
Part Number: B05-02-050
  • Cellometer cell counting beads enable users to verify instrument functionality and establish routine quality control SOPs for daily, weekly, or monthly instrument performance. The beads are supplied with a protocol, a certificate of analysis, and pass/fail criteria which users may choose to test concentration or viability read-outs on their instruments.

    • - Rapidly verify instrument functionality.
    • - Mimic a live/dead assay with fluorescent beads.
    • - Provide quick and simple QC checks; ideal for clinical labs.

    Brightfield polystyrene beads in a Trypan blue solution. Diameter: 5 µm

    Approximate bead concentration: 5 x 106 beads/mL. Refer to CoA of lot # for expected concentration aon total concentration 4 x 1 mL vials, sufficient for approxiamtely 200 counts. Suitable for use on all Cellometer instruments. Warranty is valid until the expiration date stated on the product packaging.

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    4 x 1 mL vials