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3H Low Level Quenched Standards, 20 mL Vial

Quenched 3H standard (set of ten) for low level counting, ~3 x 104 DPM/vial (20 mL vial)

This part number directly replaces product 6018917.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures
Part Number: 6018917A
Part Number: 6018917A
    • Used to establish efficiency correlation curves applicable to a wide variety of scintillation cocktails and quenching agents
    • Supplied in sets of ten, each containing the same amount of radioactivity, but with progressively higher levels of quench
    • Prepared in PPO/Dimethyl POPOP/toluene, argon purged and flame-sealed in borosilicate glass ampoules. The quenching agent is nitromethane
    • Both conventional size standards and Pico standards are available
  • Radioisotope
    Sample Type
    Radiometric reference standards
    Special Ordering Information
    This is a radioactive product - shipping address may require a license to receive radioactive materials. Please check with your local representative.
    Unit Size
    20 mL