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Multimodality Imaging

See biology in all its dimensions

In vivo imaging has had a profound role in evaluating disease biology and facilitating drug research and development. However one of the challenges researchers are faced with is each imaging modality offers its own unique strengths such as resolution, sensitivity, or throughput. In addition, modalities such as optical and PET provide functional information while microCT and ultrasound provide anatomical information.

By combining imaging modalities you get more insight into functional, molecular and anatomical information from the same study which ultimately enables you to accelerate, enhance and broaden your understanding of disease biology.

Multimodality imaging generates more meaningful information by obtaining the maximum amount of data from your animal models with solutions that leverage the strengths of each modality. Designed with co-registration in mind, we offer integrated and standalone systems with the necessary tools to allow you to seamlessly combine functional and anatomical data.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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  • Easily co-register 3D optical and microCT data from the standalone IVIS® and Quantum systems or other functional and anatomical modalities
  • For ultimate ease and flexibility Revvity offers optical systems integrated with x-ray or microCT bringing together functional and anatomical imaging into a single system