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Cell Counting Reagents & Consumables

Extend your lab’s capabilities with our optimized reagents and consumables - plates and slides - to help ensure you get the best results from your image cytometry and cell counting systems. With products now available for purchase online, the product portfolio includes:

  • Fluorescent reagents and assay kits - For cell counting, cell viability, and cell-based assays, and optimized for Cellometer® and Celigo® imaging systems as well as other fluorescence-based instruments.
  • Counting beads - Brightfield and fluorescent bead products for quick and simple QC tests of cell counting instruments.
  • Cellaca and cellometer slides - All-plastic, disposable Cellometer cell counting slides and low-fluorescence Cellaca® PLX imaging slides.
  • Disposable hemocytometer - Our disposable hemocytometer is an enclosed chamber with two ports for sample introduction.
  • Counting plates - All-plastic, disposable counting chambers specifically designed for use with Cellaca and Celigo systems.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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ViaStain™ Total Cell Nuclear Blue
ViaStain™ Calcein AM
USD 307.36
Cellaca Viability Beads
USD 184.62
ViaStain™ Hoechst/PI Viability Kit
Yeast Dilution Buffer
USD 191.97
DAPI, fluorescent DNA binding dye
Part Number: CS1-0127-2ML
USD 122.73
SD100 Counting Chambers
USD 225.54 - 1,650.00
Cellaca FL2 Beads Kit
USD 370.30
ViaStain™ CMFDA
USD 261.20
ViaStain™ Total Cell Nuclear Far Red
ViaStain™ Annexin V-FITC for Cellometer
ViaStain™ Dead Cell Nuclear Green
ViaStain™ Total Cell Nuclear Red
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