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Western Lightning Pro, Chemiluminescent Substrate (30 mL)

An enhanced chemiluminescent substrate for western blotting, with the sensitivity to detect proteins in the low picogram range. With a long-lasting luminescent signal for repeated exposures, the unique non-toxic formulation provides an excellent dynamic range.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
Part Number: NEL120E001EA
Unit Size: 30 mL
Part Number: NEL120001EA
Unit Size: 130 mL
Part Number: NEL121001EA
Unit Size: 340 mL
Part Number: NEL122001EA
Unit Size: 680 mL
  • Western Lightning Pro is designed for sensitive and consistent detection of proteins immobilized on a membrane. A sensitive light-emitting system for detecting horseradish peroxidase (HRP), it can detect proteins in the low picogram range. The unique non-toxic formulation provides a long-lasting luminescent signal with an excellent dynamic range. These properties make Western Lightning Pro ideal for use with a wide variety of CCD imagers as well as autoradiography film. Membranes may be stripped and re-probed for detection of multiple targets.

    Revvity guarantees the performance of Western Lightning Pro Chemiluminescence Reagent for 12 months from ship date, and the kit can be stored at room temperature. This extended shelf life means you can buy and use Western Lightning Pro Chemiluminescence Substrate with confidence.

  • Application
    Western blotting
    Western Lightning
    Detection Method
    Sample Type
    Chemiluminescent Substrate
    Unit Size
    30 mL


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