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ViaStain No-Wash Annexin V-FITC Kit for Celigo

A no-wash assay designed to discriminate between healthy, apoptotic, dead cells. For use with the Celigo instrument. 

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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The goal of a good apoptosis assay is to analyze the cells without the need to disturb them. The no-wash Annexin-V FITC kit combined with the Celigo instrument provides that ability for both suspension and adherent cell culture.

  • A no-wash, stain and read assay for adherent cell culture.
  • Perform your entire assay in the well of your plate (No need to trypsinize your cells).
  • Only nucleated cells are counted and analyzed.
  • Cellular debris is excluded from cell population analysis.
  • Predefined staining, imaging, and analysis protocols are provided with the kit to allow for easy execution of the assay.
  • Included in Kit: Good for 1, 96-well plates.


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SDS, COAs, Manuals and more

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