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ViaStain Cell Fitness Panel for Cellaca

The Cell Fitness Panel is comprised of 10 components to measure the 5 assays described below. The parameters include a measurement of: viability, enzymatic activity, mid-stage apoptosis, late-stage apoptosis, and oxidative stress.

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For use on Cellaca.

  • Total of 5 Cellaca Plates: Viability - AO/PI (Acridine Orange and Propidium Iodide)

Using AO/PI allows for the identification, enumeration of mononuclear cells, and provides cell viability in the counted sample without a RBC lysing steps.

  • Vitality/Enzymatic Activity - Calcein AM/PI - By looking at the conversion of non-fluorescent calcein AM to green fluorescent calcein we can measure the number and concentration of both metabolically active live cells as well as non-viable cells in a given population.
  • Reactive Oxygen Species - Total ROS - While reactive oxygen species (ROS) are natural by-products of normal metabolism, during oxidative stress-related events, the accumulation of ROS can result in significant damage to cell structures. Cultures that are positive for ROS may signal unhealthy culture conditions that can lead to apoptosis and cell death.
  • Mid-Stage Apoptosis - Annexin V/PI - An assay commonly carried out by researchers interested in performing functional assays to measure the percent of live, apoptotic, and necrotic cells in a sample. May serve as an early indicator of an unhealthy cell population.
  • Late-Stage Apoptosis - Caspase 3/7 - Early or mid-stage apoptotic cells may recover or may progress to late stage apoptosis. A cell culture with a high number of caspase 3/7 positive cells may be in trouble. In this assay the executioner caspase is detected as a bright nuclear signal.


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