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Sulfur-35 Radionuclide, 2mCi (74MBq), Specific Activity: 1050-1600Ci (38.8-59.2TBq)/mmol, Sodium Sulfate in 1mL Water

S35, as sodium sulfate.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures
Part Number: NEX041H001MC
Unit Size: 1 mCi
Part Number: NEX041H002MC
Unit Size: 2 mCi
Part Number: NEX041H005MC
Unit Size: 5 mCi
Part Number: NEX041H010MC
Unit Size: 10 mCi
Part Number: NEX041H025MC
Unit Size: 25 mCi
  • 2 mCi of Sulfur-35 Radionuclide, Specific Activity: 1050-1600 Ci (38.8-59.2TBq)/mMole, Sodium Sulfate in 1mL water. Shipped ambient.

  • Brand
    NEN Radiochemicals
    Detection Method
    Fresh Lot Days
    Every 4 weeks
    Label Position
    Specifically Labeled
    Shipping Conditions
    Shipped Ambient
    Special Ordering Information
    This is a radioactive product - shipping address must have a license to receive radioactive materials.
    Unit Size
    2 mCi


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