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Cellaca PLX, anti-human CD4 PE/CD8 APC Total Cell Kit, 25 Tests

Two surface marker kit for detection of human CD4 + CD8 with total dye.

Product Variants
Part number: CSK-A0014-1
Unit Size: 25 Tests
List price: USD 209.80
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USD 209.80
USD 209.80 /each
Part number: CSK-A0014-2
Unit Size: 100 Tests
List price: USD 393.38
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USD 0.00
USD 393.38 /each


CD4/CD8 surface marker kit with a total dye (Hoechst) for detection of two surface marker populations. Anti-human CD4 surface marker reagent is conjugated with PE. Anti-human CD8 surface marker reagent is conjugated with APC. Each kit is composed of two surface marker reagents, two isotype controls, and total dye.

  • Kit will provide enough materials to perform approximately 25 tests.
  • Optimized for Cellaca PLX.


Storage Conditions
Target Species
Unit Size
25 Tests
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SDS, COAs, Manuals and more

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