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Cellaca PLX, Annexin V-FITC/PI Apoptosis Kit, 25 Tests

Apoptotic reagent kit for detection of early-stage apoptotic markers in stained cells

Part Number: CSK-A0029-1
Unit Size: 25 Tests
Part Number: CSK-A0029-2
Unit Size: 100 Tests
  • Apoptotic reagents with viability dyes for detection of early-stage apoptotic marker populations and viability determination. Annexin V (early stage) reagent is conjugated to the FITC fluorophore. For viability, dead cells are identified using Propidium Iodide (PI), while total cells are stained with Hoechst.

    • Each kit is composed of apoptotic reagent (Annexin V-FITC), Annexin Binding Buffer, dead dye (PI), and total (Hoechst).
    • Kit will provide enough materials to perform approximately 25 tests.
    • Compatible with Cellaca PLX.
  • Storage Conditions
    Fluorescent Reagents and Assay Kits
    Unit Size
    25 Tests