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PhenoPlate 384-well, black, optically clear flat-bottom, tissue-culture treated, lids, case of 40

PhenoPlate 384-well microplates (formerly named CellCarrier Ultra microplates) are sterile and tissue culture-treated, with black well walls and an optically-clear cyclic olefin bottom.

PhenoPlate 384-well microplates are designed for cell culture and imaging with high-content screening systems.

For research use only, not for use in diagnostic procedures.
Part Number: 6057302
Unit Size:
Part Number: 6057300
Unit Size:
Part Number: 6057308
Unit Size:
  • These PhenoPlate 384-well microplates (formerly named CellCarrier Ultra microplates) for high content imaging applications are tissue culture treated and are available in black in a 384-well format. The microplates benefit from a film bottom made of cyclic olefin, a plastic that has glass-like optical properties, providing superior image quality and also good cell adherence. They have an ultra-low plate bottom (0.2mm) for better well access when using water immersion and high NA objectives, and a new design, low profile polystyrene lid for reduced evaporation.

    • 6057300 is a case of 50, individually pouched plates
    • 6057302 is a box with 40 lidded plates, packed as 2 bags of 20 each
    • 6057308 contains 160 lidded plates as 8 bags of 20
    Packaging Notes:
    • Cases of 40 are packaged as 2 sleeves of 20 plates, lids included
    • Case of 50 is packaged as a case of individually packed lidded plates
    • Cases of 160 are packaged as 8 sleeves of 20 plates, lids included
  • Color
    Black with optically-clear film bottom
    Well Format
    384.0 wells
    Cell Culture
    Automation Compatible
    PhenoPlate (formerly CellCarrier Ultra)
    Coating Treatment
    Detection Method
    Confocal Imaging
    High Content Imaging
    Cyclic Olefin


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