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Mouse Imaging Shuttle

Easily Transfer Your Subject Between Imaging Modalities

The Mouse Imaging Shuttle enables subject to be transferred from the IVIS Spectrum 2 optical to the Quantum GX3 microCT imaging systems for seamless co-registration of 3D optical and CT images.

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USD 7,380.00
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Easily transfer your subject between the IVIS Spectrum and Quantum microCT imaging systems using the Mouse Imaging Shuttle.

  • Shuttle maintains mouse positioning for both scans
  • Easily snaps into holders specially made for the IVIS Spectrum and Quantum microCT systems, respectively
  • Shuttle enables mouse to stay in the same position for both scans
  • Living Image® Software uses fiducial markers on the shuttle for automatic co-registration providing anatomical context to pinpoint optical signal location.
  • With Living Image Software, multimodal imaging combines two powerful datasets to gain greater insight into disease models
  • Comes in various sizes to accommodate different size mice. The mouse shuttle is not intended for use with rats


Unit Size
1 Each
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