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AequoScreen Human Neuropeptide FF Receptor 2 (NPFF2) Cell Line, CHO-K1 Cells

Stable, recombinant AequoScreen® cell line expressing aequorin and the Neuropeptide FF receptor 2 (NPFF2) receptor, human recombinant in CHO-K1 host cells.

Cell Line Terms and Conditions must be accepted before orders are placed. Additional agreement needed for commercial use. Click here.
Part Number: ES-490-A
  • Revvity's AequoScreen® double transfected cell lines are provided in two vials of frozen cells, each containing ∽2.5 x 106 cells. Detailed product information as well as recommended cell culture conditions and validation assay date are available each cell line.

    AequoScreen technology is a generic GPCR technology that can be used with Gs, Gi, and Gq-coupled GPCRs and calcium coupled ion channels. Following receptor stimulation, increases in intracellular calcium enable measurement of resulting flash luminescence signal.


    • Fully automatable and miniaturizable to 1536
    • Enables reduction in reagents and consumable costs
    • High signal to background ratio enabling detection of agonists, antagonists and allosteric modulators
    • Robust assay (Z′, CV values, solvent resistance)
    • Reduces number of false positives from autofluorescent compounds in screening libraries
    • Option to work with cells in suspension to increase throughput
    • Amenable use with calcium coupled ion channels and tyrosine kinase receptors

    Revvity's AequoScreen cell lines require accepted cell line Terms and Conditions prior to order processing. Additional agreement needed commercial use. Contact us using Request More Information button above additional information regarding required documentation.

  • Assay Validation
    Calcium Fluorescence
    Calcium Luminescence
    Assay Target Class
    Assay Target Type
    Cell line
    G-Alpha Coupling Protein
    G-Alpha Natural Receptor
    Receptor Type
    Second Messenger Release
    Calcium flux
    Shipping Conditions
    Shipped in Dry Ice
    Special Ordering Information
    Requires accepted Terms and Conditions. Additional agreement needed for commercial use.
    Therapeutic Area
    Central Nervous System
    Unit Size
    5 million cells


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