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StorPlate 384-well, (V)-bottom, deepwell, polypropylene

Deepwell polypropylene 384-well V-bottom microplates for compound storage.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
Part Number: 6008690
Part Number: 6008690
  • Manufactured from virgin polypropylene, the StorPlate-384V deepwell plate is a V-bottom 384-well plate specifically intended for compound storage. Each well has a working volume of 240 µL and a storage volume of 200 µL when used with the StorMat sealing mat. Polypropylene is both resistant to the solvents that are used in compound storage and suitable for use at temperatures down to -80°C. It is therefore widely accepted for this purpose in the Drug Discovery processes. All StorPlates are supplied DNAse, RNAse and pyrogen free and support certification is available on request. Sealing mats, manufactured from research grade silicone are also available.

    Features & Benefits
    • Manufactured from virgin polypropylene
    • Guaranteed solvent resistance (DMSO compatible)
    • Suitable for use at temperatures down to -80°C
    • Footprint conforms to SBS standards
    Packaging Notes
    • Boxes of fifty 384-well plates (V-bottom or DW) are packaged as 10 sleeves of 5 plates.
  • Well Plate Dimensions

    Well format: 384-well Deep Well V-bottom

    Description Specification
    Number of rows 16
    Number of columns 24
    Well volume 240 µL
    Recommended working volume 25 µL- 230 µL
    Height (mm) 24.75
    Length (mm) 127.75
    Width (mm) 85.48
    Well diameter (mm) square
    Well depth (mm) 22.31
    A1 to top offset (mm) 8.99
    A1 to side offset (mm) 12.13
    Well-to-well spacing (mm) 4.5



  • Color
    Well Format
    384.0 wells
    Automation Compatible
    Unit Size
    Case of 50


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