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chemagic DNA Stool 200 Kit H96

The chemagic DNA Stool 200 Kit H96 can be used for automated DNA purification from up to 200 mg stool samples on the chemagic 360 instrument equipped with the chemagic 96 Rod Head.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Part number: CMG-1076
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USD 7,134.00
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The chemagic DNA Stool 200 Kit H96 is based on the chemagic M-PVA Magnetic Bead Technology which offers a solution to the challenges associated with isolating DNA from stool samples. It provides a high recovery of clean DNA, which is well-suited for subsequent downstream applications. This technology streamlines the process and ensures that the isolated DNA is of high quality and quantity, making it valuable for various research purposes.


Product Compatibility
chemagic 360 instrument
Sample Type
Unit Size
960 Preps/Kit
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SDS, COAs, Manuals and more

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