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14C Extended Range Quenched Standards, 7 mL Vial

These standards are recommended to establish quench correlation curves for more heavily quenched samples. The improved efficiency correlation contributes to higher accuracy in the measurements of samples which may be difficult to count correctly. This series only differs in composition from the standards by the concentration of the quenching agent used.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures
Part Number: 6018595A
Unit Size: 20 mL
Part Number: 6018552A
Unit Size: 7 mL
  • 14C Extended Range Quenched Standards for testing scintillation counter performance. Revvity provides 3H and 14C standard sets for testing Revvity's scintillation counter performance, as well as internal standard capsules for preparing your own 3H and 14C standard solutions. The unquenched and quenched standard sets are manufactured at Revvity in controlled environments. They are prepared gravimetrically from NIST traceable solutions. After preparation, all standards are QC tested with calibrated counting systems at Revvity. Unit size 7 ml vial.

  • Radioisotope
    Sample Type
    Radiometric reference standards
    Special Ordering Information
    This is a radioactive product - shipping address may require a license to receive radioactive materials. Please check with your local representative.
    Unit Size
    7 mL