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Anti-Rabbit IgG (Goat), Biotin-Labeled, 0.5mg Lyophilized

Biotinylated anti-rabbit IgG. 0.5 mg lyophilized

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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These antibodies were affinity purified from goat serum immunized with purified human, rabbit or mouse IgG, and labeled with a biotin analog having a seven atom linker consisting of 6-aminocaproic acid and the 6 atom side chain of biotin.

Each vial contains 0.5 mg of affinity purified antibody. These products are tested for specificity by immunoelectrophoresis, gel diffusion and ELISA techniques. No antibody is detectable to non-immunoglobulin serum components.

Performance Characteristics: Biotin-labeled affinity purified antibodies are excellent for both histochemical/cytochemical staining procedures and for use in enzyme amplified immunoassays such as microplate and membrane ELISA. Serial dilutions of all antibody reagents should be performed to determine the best working concentrations under a given set of assay conditions.


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