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Anti-Human IgG (Goat), HRP-Labeled, 1mg at 1mg/mL

Anti-human IgG antibody, labeled with HRP

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
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These antibodies were affinity purified from
goat serum immunized with purified human IgG. Labeling with
alkaline phosphatase (AP) was carried out utilizing a modified
glutaraldehyde procedure. Labeling with horseradish peroxidase
(HRP) was done using a periodate method. The molar enzyme/antibody
protein ratio is 3.0 for NEF801 and 4.0 for NEF802. Each enzyme
conjugate contains 1 mg of affinity purified antibody at 1

These products are tested by immnoelectrophoresis, gel diffusion
and ELISA techniques. They react specifically with human IgG and
may recognize other immunoglobulin types that have light chains in
common with IgG. Antibodies to human IgG may cross react with the
immunoglobulins of other mammalian species if common binding sites
are shared. No antibody is detectable to non-immunoglobulin serum


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1 mg at 1 mg/mL


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