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Membrane Target Systems: Adenosine A2B (human) Membrane Preparation

Cell membranes prepared from cells stably-transfected with Adenosine A2B (human) receptor, in HEK-293 cells.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures
Part Number: ES-013-M400UA
Part Number: ES-013-M400UA
  • Membrane Target Systems are quality assured frozen membranes from cells that express Adenosine A2B (human) recombinant or endogenous receptors.

    We submit every batch of receptor to stringent quality controltesting that includes saturation radioligand binding assay todetermine receptor concentration (Bmax) and affinity (Kd).Competition binding assays are performed determine affinity (Ki)against known reference agonists and antagonists. GTPgS data isalso provided for some of our Gi coupled receptors.

    Membranes are carefully prepared and ready for a variety of HTSapplications, including radioligand binding (using either proximitymethods, such as FlashPlate, or classical filtrationmethods).

    Products are packaged as frozen crude membrane preparations. Oneassay unit is defined as micrograms of protein, defined bycompetition binding assay (filtration). A complete productdescription and recommended protocol are included on the ProductInformation Sheet.

    Some of our receptors may be restricted for sale in specifiedcountries. Please inquire.

  • Assay Validation
    Assay Target Class
    Assay Target Type
    Membrane preparation
    Membrane Target Systems
    G-Alpha Natural Receptor
    Receptor Type
    Therapeutic Area
    Central Nervous System