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CHOSOURCE TnT Transposon technology

Accelerate biologic development programs with CHOSOURCE™ TnT transposon technology 

Transform cell line development (CLD) and manufacturing of biologics with CHOSOURCE TnT transposon technology. The CHOSOURCE TnT can help simplify the CLD process and accelerate biologic development programs.

CHOSOURCE TnT comprises two elements: the TnT transposon vector and the TnT transposase provided as messenger RNA. The TnT transposon vector contains dual expression cassette for multi-chain protein expression, an optimized GS selection cassette, and precisely engineered Terminal Inverted Repeats (TIRs) flanking the expression cassettes.

How does it work? The TnT transposase, co-transfected with the TnT vector in the host cell, mediates the integration of the expression cassettes from the TnT vector (donor) into transcriptionally active regions of the host genome. This controlled DNA delivery helps enable highly efficient and stable integration of the gene of interest (GOI) into the host genome, as well as assists in increasing cell line performance and clone stability while reducing uncertainty and variability during cell line development. Selecting high-expressing clones becomes effortless.

CHOSOURCE TnT Transposon technology helps facilitate a simpler, faster, and safer (no MSX or other selective agents needed) cell line development and manufacturing process.

CHOSOURCE TnT and CHOSOURCE GS KO and/or ADCC+ cell lines are available in one combined royalty-free license, providing an easy technology access framework without the need for any other third-party technology license. Available for commercial and research applications. 

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