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OZ Care Coordination

OZ Care Coordination includes comprehensive care coordination services for the state. Refer to the specific Program Care Coordination and Outreach Services document which outlines the type of screening (blood spot, hearing or heart) included with the service.

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Optimal care and delivery of services are paramount for every state agency or department working with the public. OZ Care Coordination provides a view of systems and services that impact targeted populations - merging information between health settings while informing the entire care team and public health in a meaningful way. Care coordination assures that infants who do not pass a screening receive necessary follow-up including rescreening, diagnostic evaluation, treatment, and referral to early intervention service agencies. Care coordination supplies information to families and providers so they can more effectively advocate and receive access to appropriate care. Detect and Connect - One Baby at a Time.

OZ Care Coordination:

  • Secure online, web-based tool for managing caseloads of children needing follow-up care after newborn screening
  • Customizes workflow and care needed based on user’s tasks/access
  • Interoperable with other OZ newborn applications
  • Case level tracking of follow-up care, including detailed reports and communications with family and providers
  • Allows users to document care, create reminders and enter case notes at each step in the case management process
  • Applicable for public health reporting and diseases surveillance

OZ Program Coordination:

  • Certifying and monitoring hospital screening program quality
  • Data analysis and reporting
  • Quality assurance activities
  • Serving as liaison with local, regional and national NBS, CCHD, and EHDI stakeholders
  • Providing subject matter expertise for EHDI and NBS Program and Data Management


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