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8 mL Hinge Cap Vial, 500/pk

Shrink-wrapped in 5 partitioned trays of 100 vials each.

Part Number: 6000488
Part Number: 6000488
  • Specifications:

    • Height with cap: 59.0 mm
    • Diameter: 17.5 mm; diameter opening: 14.0
    • Nominal volume: 8.0 mL
    • Maximum volume: 9.0 mL
    • Temperature resistance, up to 80 °C


    • 33% more capacity than 6 mL miniature vials, allows miniaturization from 20 mL size vials when used with high sample capacity cocktails
    • Enables reduced cocktail consumption, reduced amount of waste produced and reduced waste disposal costs
    • Pre-labeling of attached cap avoids potential sample mix-ups for GLP compliance
    • Fits miniature vial cassettes

    Economically packed

    Revvity offers high quality glass and plastic vials. The best vial to choose is dependent on the type and volume of sample to be counted and the cocktail that will be used.

    Plastic vials are injection (blow) molded to exacting specifications from virgin high-density (linear) polyethylene (HDPE). Caps are recessed to assure reliable loading andtransferring in automatic sample changers without skipping or jamming. Since polyethylene vials are produced from petrochemicals, they contain no measurable background and are preferred for low activity counting applications.

    • Lower background level than glass vials
    • Higher counting efficiency than glass vials
    • Combustible: easier waste disposal
    • No solvent permeation with safer, high-flash point cocktails
  • Volume Capacity
    8.0 mL
    Detection Method
    Technology Type
    Liquid Scintillation Counting
    Product Group
    Hinge Top
    Quantity in a Package Amount
    500.0 Units
    Unit Size