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Adenoviral vectors

Adenoviral vectors offer high levels of transgene expression in broad cell types, including dividing and non-dividing cells. Adenoviral vectors are the method of choice whenever fast and transient gene expression for a very large gene or several genes is required, since the expression cassette has a total capacity of 7.5 kb. This provides space for flexible vector design with multiple transgenes delivered in one vector.

Vaccine development is another popular application for adenoviral vectors. The ability of adenovirus to induce immune response in vivo makes it a great tool for vaccine studies.

Revvity Gene Delivery (formerly SIRION Biotech) offers three technology platforms for supporting therapy developers working with adenoviral vectors.

Adenovirus_AV_Technologies (1).png
General adenovirus characteristics:
  • Transient gene expression in vivo and in vitro
  • No host genome integration
  • Large packaging capacity up to 7.5 kb gives a space for multiple gene expression cassettes
  • Reliable gene delivery into dividing and non-dividing cells with almost 100% efficiency
  • Fast results- gene expression within 24h
  • Adenovirus remains epichromosomal and therefore does not interfere with other host genes

Ad19a/64 vector

  • Target new cell types/tissue due to its unique receptor affinities
  • Leverage its low seroprevalence within the human population
  • Superior vaccine vector platform compared to Ad5
  • Overcome limitations due to CAR dependent transduction
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BAC technology – building viral vectors from scratch

Classical cloning strategies are difficult and largely ineffective for viral vectors harboring large genomes (e.g. AV can carry transgenes up to 36kb). Our proprietary viral cloning technology offers a refined solution benefiting from the large capacity of bacterial artificial chromosomes (BAC).

  • Generation of large AV expression libraries.
  • Cloning of your gene of interest (GOI) or shRNA into the pO6A5 shuttle vector
  • FLP mediated recombination in E.coli BA5 FRT cells to obtain your desired Ad5 E1/E3 deleted serotype
  • PAC digestion of purified recombinant BAC DNA
  • Virus reconstitution in HEK 293 cells
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If you are interested in this technology, please get in touch with our Business Development and Licensing team at:

AdenoBOOST™ transduction enhancer

Benefits of using AdenoBOOST

  • 20 to 50-fold enhanced expression
  • Applicable to almost all cell types without species limitations
  • Reduces the necessary amount of adenovirus particles for any application
  • No cell toxicity

Adenovirus manufacturing

Revvity Gene Delivery offers several production stages for all levels of preclinical application – from cloning, vector development and manufacture to simple amplification of existing vector stock.

Production parameters can be adapted to specific projects Contact us at for more information!

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