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Biochemical Prenatal & Preeclampsia Testing

When it comes to risk assessment and diagnosis of prenatal aneuploidy and pre-eclampsia, early detection is essential. Clinically validated assays, combined with one of three scalable technology platforms and the industry leading informatics of our LifeCycle® risk calculation software, laboratories and clinics can achieve optimal screening performance while maximizing operational efficiency.

In the first trimester, our four CE-marked assays – PAPP-A, free hCGß, PlGF and AFP – provide effective screening for aneuploidy. Additionally the AFP marker can be used for screening for neural tube defects and the PlGF marker can be used for preeclampsia screening from a single sample. In the second trimester, our assay solutions enable you to run the cost-effective Double test or enhance your screening performance using the Triple test or 2T QUAD test.

With pre-eclampsia screening in the 1st trimester, women with increased risk for preterm pre-eclampsia can be identified to enable timely intervention. Later in pregnancy, PlGF based testing improves pre-eclampsia management for symptomatic women for improved prognosis, triage & diagnosis leading to better maternal & neonatal outcomes.

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