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Automating Cellular, Drug Discovery, & Genomics Workflows

Genomics solutions

With experience designing integrated automated laboratory solutions for a number of genomic applications including nucleic acid isolation, RNAi screening, CRISPR fragment analysis, PCR, and gene expression analysis, our robotics experts can design a workstation to meet your automation needs, big or small.

Integrated automated cellular workstations

Our lab automation experts have extensive experience developing integrated workstations automating cell-based assays. With in-house solutions offering unbiased imaging of multiple cellular samples for high content analysis and screening, we have the scientific background to provide solutions that address the full breadth of your scientific requirements.

Automating drug discovery workflows

Drug discovery workflows require tools and technologies that can support a broad range of current and future applications including multiple microplate formats, liquid transfer volumes, and detection based read-out methods. The explorer™ G3 integrated HTS workstations are designed to fulfill these diverse needs.


For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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