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Fast-tracking sample prep start: from months to days.

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As next generation sequencing (NGS) laboratories evaluate new automated sample preparation solutions, focusing on vendors who have vendor-qualified automated library protocols can play a key role in meeting their objectives. A fully vendor-qualified NGS library means the automation supplier has sent their final DNA/RNA libraries to the NGS kit provider, who sequences the libraries and performs analysis to ensure library quality and compliance meet their standards. Once acceptable data is produced, the sequencing provider will approve the application as a vendor-qualified automated library. This level of readiness assures the customer the quickest time from installation to sequencing real samples. The following case studies illustrate how NGS laboratories can use vendor-qualified automated methods to make considerable progress in reducing the time to start up new sequencing kits and data generation.

The trials of deploying a custom automated NGS method – more than 1 year

An emerging biotech company required an automated, high-throughput NGS library preparation system with an integrated, on-deck thermocycler to run a kit they currently performed manually. The customer purchased automation with the capability to process two, 96-plate assays. While the vendor promised they would install the system and get the assay up and running quickly, initial operation proved otherwise. The first sample preparation runs did not deliver the expected throughput, and the DNA library did not provide acceptable data due to a faulty sample preparation process. The laboratory conducted a number of trial-and-error optimization routines over 18 to 24 months until it generated valid sequencing data. Two years after the installation, the laboratory only had one method running of the several it wanted to apply, and it was operating with only a single 96-well plate workflow.

While this is an extreme case, it highlights the difficulty of deploying an unqualified custom automated method. On average, it can require about 6 to 9 months to get an automated custom sample preparation method installed and sequencing acceptable results.

5 days to sequenced data at a large pharmaceutical company

A large pharmaceutical company needed rapid start-up of an NGS sample preparation automated method. Its sequencing laboratory purchased a high-throughput automation system and a vendor-qualified DNA library preparation protocol from Revvity. The system included the operating software, library preparation protocols, and all the documentation and workbooks needed to install and support the solution. Revvity’s field services team set up the automation equipment.

Installing Automated sample prep methods-Day1-5 from install to sequencing.png

Figure 1: The setup of a vendor-qualified DNA/RNA library is the fastest path from installation to sequencing and typically requires about 5 days. (Source: Revvity Field Application Services).

Revvity has pioneered the development of vendor-qualified DNA/RNA libraries and has produced over 130 of these automated library protocols. Additional ones are continuously in development. They support nearly all kit vendors and applications in the NGS market.

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