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OZ Telepathy NBS

This cloud-based software provides an electronic form to capture state mandated Newborn Blood Spot data elements. An electronic lab order (HL7 ORM message) is sent to the state lab and a label is printed and affixed to the specimen card. This aligns hospital information with information at the state NBS lab. All specimen cards sent from the hospital will be legible and accurate. For state installations, includes eform and label configuration of the specimen filter paper card label based on the state requirements initially and updates. Populates NBS section of OZ eSP child health record. Required for OZ Connect NBS.

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Part Number: TX5100-0008
  • OZ Telepathy NBS (Newborn Blood Spot) prepopulates an electronic form with the state laboratory’s required data elements, then prints a label to be affixed to the specimen card and sends the electronic lab order to the state laboratory which is consumed by the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS).

    OZ Telepathy NBS Solution:

    • Manages the care of the baby by providing a worklist of babies needing screening and status for each specimen collected
    • Eliminates handwritten specimen cards to improve information content, legibility and accuracy
    • Improves accuracy by scanning the specimen ID barcode
    • Simplifies hospital workflow by streamlining the process
    • Displays age in hours in order to collect specimen at appropriate time
    • Captures multiple specimens for an individual patient
    • Provides an electronic lab order allowing for traceability of the specimen from the hospital to the laboratory
    • Transmits results from the laboratory back to OZ eSP database - an integrated child health record - and on to the hospital EHR, other providers or directly to state public health programs
    • Provides specimen shipping and delivery notifications
    • Receives recollection requests from the lab
    • Electronically documents case management in OZ eSP for efficient tracking and monitoring of babies who need further care
    • Improves timeliness for reporting back to the primary care physician and parent
    • Captures the submitted information and stores it for future audits
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