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OZ eSP is a hosted, cloud-based database and the foundational infrastructure required for all OZ products. All newborn screening data are stored in and exchanged via the OZ eSP database. Each newborn has a screening record with integrated results. Includes Deduplication reporting.

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Part Number: TX5100-0002
  • OZ e-ScreenerPlus (eSP) allows the Public Health Department to manage verifiable data for all newborn screening on every baby from one location. OZ eSP a baby-centric solution that allows you to manage all newborn screening data in one integrated child health record by providing the ability to store patient demographics, access results from screening equipment or laboratories and interface with the data collected from the EHR. OZ eSP effectively integrates screening with diagnosis, follow-up and intervention. OZ eSP meets or exceeds all HIPAA and HITECH requirements. We adhere to NIST 800 guidelines. It is our foundational database and so much more!

    What does OZ eSP accomplish for healthcare providers?

    • Integrated continuum of care for all stages of the newborn screening program: inpatient and outpatient screening, diagnostic follow-up and intervention
    • Fully secure web-based data management accessible anywhere, anytime with no hardware or software required; complete audit trail of user and system changes protects programs from negligence and improves risk management and quality assurance functions
    • Rule-based care paths that support next steps and best practices with a patented clinical decision support
    • Real-time results - less time finding results and determining next steps means more time caring for babies
    • Error reduction in reporting and data collection
    • Verifiable data - not only aggregate data - for reporting and monitoring program success
    • Analytics across individual hospitals and entire state program
    • Automated audit trails of user and system changes
    • Provides data for risk management and quality improvement
    • Privacy and security of patient-sensitive information through rule-based and role-based access rights
    • Standardized reporting mechanisms from state public health to federal agencies - HL7 electronic messaging-tested and IHE proven
    • National Quality Forum (NQF) measures and new Stage 2 Meaningful Use support for reporting from hospitals to state programs
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