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The Quantum GX3 microCT imaging system

quantum-gx3-512 (1)

Introducing the next generation in microCT imaging

The Quantum GX3 offers high spatial resolution down to 5 microns. The resolution coupled with enhancements to improve image quality such as proprietary active ring reduction, enhanced image-base gating, step scanning mode, and more, make the Quantum GX3 your ‘go-to’ microCT system for studying bone, lung, heart, liver, and other applications to advance your research and discovery studies.

  • Resolution down to 5 microns (pixel size 2.86 microns using 8 mm FOV)
  • Wide range of FOVs from 8 mm to 86 mm enabling imaging of a wide range of samples and species
  • Improved gating for heart and lung imaging in mice, rats, and ferrets
  • Enhanced fluoroscopy for better visualization of anatomical structures in real-time
  • Continuous and step scanning modes
  • And so much more…

Discover resolution that’s revolutionary!

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.