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Morphological profiling of human T and NK lymphocytes by high-content imaging

Advances in high-content cellular imaging (HCI) and analysis have enabled researchers to obtain rich, quantitative data from cells and identify biologically relevant similarities and differences in their morphological profiles. Morphological profiling has been employed in cancer and toxicology research but has not been widely explored for the study of immune cells to date.

The study in this publication review provides a foundation for the development of morphological profiling as a scalable approach to monitor the immune synapse (IS), primary lymphocyte responsiveness and microarchitecture. Morphological profiling could also provide novel insights into the immunological synapses of CAR T cells and guide the design of novel CARs for therapeutic applications.

  • High-content workflow to evaluate morphological profiles of cytotoxic lymphocytes
  • Key markers of the immune synapse and key morphological descriptors
  • Coating conditions for immune cell activation without target cells and perturbations affecting lymphocyte microarchitecture
  • Potential application of this approach to optimize CAR-T or immune cell effector function

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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Morphological profiling of human T and NK lymphocytes by high-content imaging

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