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Application Note

Automating Illumina DNA Prep with Exome 2-5 enrichment

Illumina-DNA-Prep-Exome-Enrichment 512x288

Illumina DNA Prep with Exome 2.5 Enrichment protocol is compatible with high-quality, double-stranded human genomic DNA (gDNA) inputs of 10-1000ng (minimum 50ng is recommended for optimal performance), fresh whole blood, and saliva samples.

The Illumina DNA Prep protocol automated on Revvity’s Sciclone® NGSx and iQ automation workstations has minimized the human input by reducing hands-on time and increasing walkaway time.

Read the application note to review the sequencing data obtained from the exome-enriched libraries prepared on these Sciclone liquid handlers.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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Automating Illumina DNA Prep with Exome 2-5 enrichment

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